Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 2: Pushing through the pain

I am already behind on blogging- surprise.

Last Sunday was the second training ride for the Ovarian Cycle and it was definitely a little more difficult than the first ride. This ride lasted 2 hours and was about 30 miles. I think with time the rides will be increasingly difficult but also easier… if that makes sense.

Unfortunately, I am working with a bum left knee that has been a bit of a pain lately. *PSA: “Touch” mud football can be dangerous. All that slippery mud and young teens that do not understand the true meaning of no tackles allowed. Think before you play. The more you know…daduhdaduh. So, bottom line, the broken femur and torn junk led to a few surgeries and every couple of years a good deal of pain. For whatever reason, left knee has chosen this moment to bring on the pain and while I know the extreme cycling could be contributing, it is important to me to finish this event so that is the plan! I did see a doctor this past week to make sure I was not seriously damaged. There was talk of the full blown arthritis behind left knee‘s cap and a possible torn meniscus but I will follow up after the final ride. Believe me, I am not a very tough person but I cannot explain how discouraging it is to have a doctor tell you to quit something. I am going to try and push through but I promise not to be too stubborn about it (Mom & Dad).

The good news is, left knee does not hurt too badly while actually on the bike and thanks to some new gear things have been a bit easier. These beauties keep me locked in straight and protect left knee and its faithful partner, right knee.

These shorts add a little padded junk to that trunk that usually starts to go numb around hour 2.
I also picked up some fancy drink enhancement packets (aka- expensive flavored sugar packet) to go along with all the power bars this coming weekend. It makes me feel like a real athlete or something which I can assure you is not the case. I could reference my two-year quitting streak during tee-ball but it is still a little painful to talk about…

On a serious note, I am very close to my goal! Thank you to everyone who has already donated and shown support. I would love to fly right past that goal and raise as much as possible for ovarian cancer research.

Until the next ride….

P.S. - All get well/ encouragement/ stop being such a pain cards can be sent to left knee via comment box.

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