Monday, January 25, 2010

First things first....after all, we must maintain order here

     I have decided to join the blogging world in order to keep friends and family updated...wait, is that the typical opening line on a blog? Crap. I was hoping to avoid the clichés. Let's face it though; blogs are mainly for the same purpose. I will say that I do not have hopes of this blog being turned into a book or a movie nor do I expect for it to be read by thousands. I do hope to keep everyone updated and use this blog as a sort of accountability tool for my goals.... which I am already slacking on so we better get this thing going.

      I will not post all of my new year's resolutions today. I mainly want to get an "intro blog" written so I can post about an event I am training for. The event actually started off as a new year's resolution: train and complete some sort of fitness event that does not involve running. Ha. I have had three knee surgeries and I am honestly hoping to avoid any more so that rules out the marathon trend....not to mention that running 26 miles sounds like something the devil decided would be fun (but kudos for all of you that like that sort of hell fun). I have chosen to participate in my own fun cycling event. I signed up for an event held at my gym called the Ovarian Cycle. The name was a good enough reason but the cause is also really awesome. The event raises money for ovarian cancer and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who is also an ovarian cancer survivor. I am very excited about completing the event as a part of that resolution but it has quickly become more. I am really passionate about the cause which you can read more about at 

     I will go ahead and ask for patience. This blog thing is new to me (second cliché line, thank you) I will try and update often and attempt to make it semi-interesting. Thanks for reading.

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